Thank You to Our Volunteers!

Last season was very successful for Opera Idaho, and that is in large part due to our dedicated group of local volunteers.

As our way of extending thanks here is a list with all the names of the generous folk who donated time and energy to Opera Idaho through the years.

If you would like to volunteer for Opera Idaho, please fill out the interest form at the bottom of this page.

Our Volunteers


Current* as of December 1, 2016

Linda Allison
Lori Anderson
Tosha Anderson
Kaye & Harlan Andrijeski
Melissa Bagwell
Heather Ballantine
Aby Ballantyne
Heather Ballantyne
Michael Barton
Rose-Marie & Max Bearden
Judy & David Becker
Kathleen Beynun
Colin Howard
Phoebe Boelter
Alice Brockman
Matias Bronner
Tina Bronner
Lauren Caldwell
Kelly & Melanie Cameron & family
Willis Carr
Erin & Lex Case
Victor Castillo
Jonathan Collins
Iona Copeland
Jacob Copeland
Kellie Cosho
Janet Cox
Tia Crabtree
Glenna Crawforth
Mark Cullen
Cathleen Cuzzo
David Czerepinksi
Michelle Czerepinksi
Phedre DeLauney
Michele & Jason Detwiler
Nik Dumas
Joanie & Phil Ehrnstein
Judy Ellis
Bae Emilson
Melody English
N. Anjum Fazlani
Sue & Stan Fornander
Carla Fromm
Arlene Gardner
Leslie Garrett

Susan & Paul Gibson
Ivana Gigante
Jade Graham
Patricia Gribben
Michelle Guy
Cheryl Haas
Marvin Hansen
Chris Hatch
Sue Hebert
Gayle Dawn Hill
Cade Horsewood
Maria Horsewood
Gloria Hubbert
Cathy Ingle & Mark Junkert
Kristen Jackson
Heidi Jacobson
Gabriella Simpson
Rebecca Jauquet
Eric Jones
Susan Jones
Tim & Mindy Judy
Effie Kaufman
Vicki Kreimeyer
Katrina Laird
Sharlotte Laufenbert
Alaggio Laurino
Mary & Boyd Leavitt
Vicke Lee
Carly Lewis
Kea Loveland
Lindsay Lowe
Alex Lundquist
Margaret Lundquist
Todd Lundquist
Aggy Major
Barbara Martin-Sparrow
Addy Mass
Lynne Mattison
Susan May
Kathy McCinley
Yvonne McCoy
Mrs. & Mr. Tom McCreedy
Ellen McKinney
Ellie McKinnon
Stephanie Meo

Jessica Meyers
Angela Miller
Patty's mom
Dan Monasterio
Katie Monasterio
Regina Montenegro
Kelly Moylan
Barbara & Patrick Myhre
Kathleen Neville
Alice Norman
Kristine Nunes
Emily O'Connor
Teresa O'Neill
Jill Osborn
Valoree Overstreet
Steven Palin
Rebecca & Jason Pearce
Diane Petersen
Wanda & Bill Previty
Cara Quinn
James Quinn
Tina Reminger
Dirk Robinson
Gwen Rumer
Shantara & Robert Sandberg
Linda Secretan
Cathy Silak & Nick Miller
Patrick Smith
Roger Sparrow
Mike Stanton
Lisa Stearns
Ryan Stevenson
Sue Sue Hebert's neighbor
Aletha Sullivan
Nancylee Summervil
Adam Tardiff
Clair Tardiff
Mark Thompson
Will Thompson
Jenny Townsend
Patty Wainwright
Bill Wilkinson
Janny & George Wing
Debbie Wynkoop
Jackie & Jim Zalewski

* We tried to include everyone who volunteered. If we failed to mention your name or know of someone who volunteered who’s not mentioned, please let us know so we may post the update on this list.
** We routinely acknowledge our volunteers in printed materials – if you do not want to be listed, please let us know as well.

Would you like to Volunteer?

Become a part of the magic! Opera Idaho is looking for Opera lovers who want to work behind the scenes and volunteer to help bring the Opera to life!

As an Opera Idaho volunteer, you will have the opportunity to…

  • Attend a volunteer kick-off luncheon in the early fall
  • Participate in committees
  • Attend volunteer socials
  • Attend and assist at Opera Idaho special events
  • Plan signature events and fundraisers
  • Assist with various office tasks
  • Meet international opera stars
  • Set and achieve goals for the opera

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please fill out the Volunteer Information Form.

Volunteer Information Form